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Cookie’s Experiences With Reiki

Cookie's Experiences With Reiki

Cookie was first exposed to Reiki a few years ago when we spoke to Sue (at Friends Of Baxter Animal Care) about an injury of Cookie’s that our vet was unable to pinpoint. Cookie took to the Reiki straight away as if she knew that it would help her.

To give you some background about Cookie, she’s very loving but quite jealous and she likes to show off to anyone who comes through the door, demanding their attention. However, when Sue arrived, Cookie was extremely calm and relaxed with her straight away, almost as if she did not feel the need to put on any airs around her.

Sue did not know us or Cookie at this point and she told us that Cookie definitely seemed comfortable with the Reiki as she was taking it before Sue had even intended to offer it! And to be honest that is Cookie down to a T. Almost immediately Cookie relaxed into the Reiki, becoming calm and staying under Sue’s hands. As you can see from the photo she was in no way restrained and was free to move but soon fell into a deep and relaxed sleep. Normally by now, Cookie would be picking up treats and toys to parade around and show off to visitors but not today.

Within a short time, the leg that Cookie ‘was having problems with’ began to twitch and vibrate under Sue’s hand. Within a few days of receiving Reiki (and no other treatments), she was vastly improved. I am totally convinced of the effectiveness of Reiki, with a trained practitioner and a willing participant.

Now I want to discuss not just the physical benefits of Reiki but the mental and psychological benefits too.

A few weeks ago, Cookie was diagnosed with cancer and had a number of tumours removed, the testing was sent off and it came back as terminal.

 We decided not to put her into chemotherapy as Cookie is quite proud and vain, and we knew she would hate all of the illness and side effects. Additionally, there was a very high chance that it would not cure her cancer due to it being so aggressive, so we made the decision to keep her comfortable for as long as we can.

Cookie was very down after her surgery, lethargic and upset, acting very depressed and not interacting with our other dog instead choosing to sit alone.

We contacted Sue who began to send regular Reiki long distance to Cookie. Please bear in mind Cookie is not in any physical pain with her cancer so she is not on any medication, painkillers or treatments, as none were available other than chemotherapy, so at this point the only treatment she has been receiving is Reiki.

Once she began to receive regular Reiki long distance from Sue, she improved greatly and became more herself. Her appetite returned and now that she is receiving regular Reiki she is eating well and has gained weight, something that in 7 years we’ve never been able to do with her. She has always struggled to keep weight on and has been a very fussy feeder and now she is eating whatever is put in front of her and asking for seconds.

We will monitor her weight and maintain her regular vets visits but Reiki will also be an important ongoing part of her care and we are pleased with the initial benefits it appears to have offered since her diagnosis.