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Reiki Reduced Squeaky’s Separation Anxiety

Reiki Reduced Squeaky’s Separation Anxiety

Our cat Squeaky who is 10 years old came to us 7 years ago from a rescue centre with separation anxiety as a result of her earlier life experiences. Consequently, we can never leave her for more than one week a year in a cattery whilst we have some holiday because she gets so distressed.

Although she has had excellent care at the same cattery, each year she is very anxious during her stay and is terribly ill in the car on the journey home & often takes a day or two to settle back home into her usual routines.

This year we asked Sue of Friends of Baxter Animal Care to send her some distance Reiki to help Squeaky’s anxiety whilst we were away and with the car journeys to and from the cattery. 

Treatments were sent to Squeaky before our departure on the morning we went away and during our holiday.

Squeaky was less distressed than usual going to the Cattery and upon collecting her we were delighted to see how relaxed & calm she was, compared to the stressed little moggie we normally find. In addition, on the car journey home she lay down calmly in her carrier seldom offering even a cry of complaint. Once home she skipped out of the carrier & went off to check her territory with her tail held high as though nothing had ever happened. We are used to her being sick on the way home and in an anxious state for 24 hours until she settles again. The success of the distant Reiki not only meant Squeaky’s experience during her separation from us was far less stressful but her journey home was far more comfortable too.

Both Squeaky & us will certainly agree to booking some distance Reiki with Sue again when we next have to leave her due to the positive effect it had….thank you Sue.


Reiki Gives Tiff Her Freedom

Reiki Gives Tiff Her Freedom

Tiff is an eight-year-old Old English Bulldog who spent the first 7 ½ years of her life living in a small crate in a puppy farm. She was called Bulldog 51. She didn’t even have a name. Due to being kept in a crate she broke all of her bottom teeth off trying to chew her way through the metal.

When Bulldog 51 was originally rescued she was placed in foster care. She was spayed to ensure she endured no further pregnancies and required a major tummy tuck as her tummy was on the floor. As if this wasn’t enough she was diagnosed with a prolapsed womb for which additional surgery was necessary. She was diagnosed with Scoliosis of the spine, had scars all over her body and was terrified of going outdoors, presumably due to the fear of repeatedly being mated on the rare occasions she was taken outside.

In her first home Tiff refused to go outside and so was sadly put in a choker collar and dragged. This caused a nasty and very sore bleeding hole in her neck and added to her fear of the outdoors. Due to all of her fears the first foster carer tried to return her but was unable to do so as the charity responsible for saving her had closed due to lack of funds. This is when I heard about her. Seven-hour round trip or not I felt emotionally compelled to give her the love and care she deserved and needed, and I became her new foster carer with the intent to adopt her.

After a thorough vet’s check when I was advised that her neck would always be scarred and that she would need surgery for her back, I drove her home. Once inside, Tiff was too frightened to go out again. She took quite some time before would even go into the hall way, let alone down the stairs to the front door and outside again. 

I tried for up to four hours a day to help her, using high reward treats such as chicken but this had little effect. Then Sue (from Friends Of Baxter Animal Care) offered to give her some Reiki. Tiff had run away when anyone had knocked at the door until now but when Sue arrived she went towards her to say hello. I also noticed that she looked happy when her Reiki session started.

After the first session she went into the hall and down the first set of stairs then came back for a deep contented sleep. Following the second session dramatic advances were clear for all to see. I couldn’t believe it! After over two weeks of refusing to venture out she tootled downstairs and outside. The third session resulted in her being confident to roam around and she has since then happily gone out at least three or four times a day and enjoys going for walks, saying hello to neighbours and has made good friends with another dog. She was transformed in just four weeks and her neck has healed perfectly with no scarring too. Without the Reiki I don’t know if I would ever have got her to go outside. I am extremely grateful and so impressed with Reiki that I booked onto one of Sue’s courses to start learning this wonderful therapy myself.

Lots of love, licks and tail wags 

Libby and Tiff

How Reiki Changed Ruby’s Life

How Reiki Changed Ruby's Life

I first met Ruby in February 2018. She was up for sale and located in a busy town centre setting, I rode her out in the town centre and was very happy that she was a very calm horse and totally unphased by anything.  Having bought her on a four-week trial, it was apparent that she was extremely frightened on arrival at our home, troubled by the open spaces with nothing but countryside in view.

She backed away from anyone entering her stable.  Trying to put on her head collar was a major task.  She also had extremely bad scabs on her lower legs, from standing in deep mud for a long time and she refused to let us touch her legs, pulling them away from us. On one occasion when I was able to get close enough to place a finger-tip on one of her legs, she kicked out at me in pain. I felt close to tears for her.

When I finally managed to get a head collar on her, I took her for a very short walk down our driveway and she was clearly struggling in this new environment, puffing away and looking panicked. She then leapt with all four feet off the ground when three noisy geese took off from a neighbouring field. Even the neighbour’s small cat was eyed with a huge amount of suspicion in fear that it might attack at any moment.  Her anxiety levels were so high, she gave the impression she could “explode” at any moment. I was having to keep myself calm and breathe deeply so as not to add to her worries.  She was even disturbed by meeting new people. One friend said to me that she looked as if she were saying “have you come to take me away from here?”.

 I contacted Sue at Friends Of Baxter Animal Care in a desperate bid to ask for Ruby to be added to the group distance Animal Reiki sessions, to try to help Ruby settle into her new life.  I have previously used Reiki for myself when I burnt myself out in a very stressful job working long hours and also on a previous rescue horse, with huge success. 

A one to one distant Reiki session was agreed for Ruby first and within just a matter of hours it was apparent that Ruby was benefitting hugely. Her whole personality changed – it was as though a switch had been flicked on! She no longer stood at the back of the stable worrying when we approached, she stood initially just behind her stable door, peeping over the door at us and waiting patiently for her food. After a further session, Ruby stood waiting for me with her head hanging over the stable door, all excited to see me and I got the most incredible neigh from her. Putting her head collar on was suddenly incredibly easy. As I held it up to her, she put her head into it!  She led to and from the field calmly, even when one of our own large fluffy cats was having a “wild” moment chasing something right past her feet!  It was apparent she was beginning to feel safe now and she had shavings (her bedding) stuck to her coat so she had been lying down to sleep in her stable of an evening, which is a huge sign that she felt secure. 

After the third one to one session, on three consecutive days, she even allowed me to bathe her desperately sore legs with warm water and antiseptic, something I previously had not been able to even get close to doing.  She has continued to allow me to gently rub cream into her legs without kicking out and has continued to improve following the group distant healing sessions. 

I was initially sceptical about Reiki before I knew anything about it but having benefited from Reiki myself and seen it help a previous rescue horse, I immediately sought Reiki for Ruby.


Over the years, I’ve witnessed; and been guilty in my earlier years; of “muddling” along with a horse, blaming an issue on a learnt or character “trait” and have heard a lot of horses described as “naughty”, when in reality, something is genuinely wrong and we are guilty of not understanding what that might be and therefore not looking at the greater picture and what we can really do to address it.


A lot of horse owners are sceptical (as I was initially) about the benefits of Reiki, mainly because they don’t understand it. Something unknown can be frightening when we don’t understand the benefits of it. It’s not something we can see administered like a medicine for example.  We have progressed massively over the years as horse owners and now have access to a much broader knowledge of the benefits of correct diet, good management, training and medical advances. 

After what I’ve experienced, I believe Reiki truly is something that should be in every horse owner’s “tool kit”, so that as guardians of these amazing creatures, we really are doing everything we can to help our beloved four-legged friends.

With love

Helen (& Ruby)