Friends Of Baxter

Reiki helps Cleo’s anxiety

Cleo was taken in to Yorkshire Cat Rescue when her owners could no longer care for her. She was finding it hard to settle in and the change in her circumstances left her feeling anxious and uptight.

Upon first meeting her, her greeting was an agitated meow and she paced up and down her pen. Her tail wagged wildly and she stared out of the window. Her frustration could be sensed. Sitting quietly in the corner of her pen, Reiki energy flowed. It filled the pen and its relaxing effects calmed Cleo such that she soon settled and it was then easy to tune in to her.

She kept looking when the Reiki began to fill the pen and the tension in her body started to ease. After a short time, she lay on the floor, her eyes started to close as she relaxed fully. Then she jumped into her fort, the safe ‘den’ in each pen where the cats are never handled or disturbed, and there she fell asleep.

On the next visit an improvement was evident immediately. She was relaxed and came for strokes and fussing straight away. Time was spent giving much healing to her and it was clear from her big purrs, closed eyes and limp body that she felt safe, comfortable and really enjoyed her therapy session. She took a lot of relaxing Reiki energy and was left in complete bliss.

Distant healing was sent to her between visits and there was a distinct awareness of her laying in her bed contentedly.

However, On Cleo’s final session, she started to draw Reiki even before it had been offered to her, showing her recognition of the Reiki and desire for more of this soothing energy. She appeared to be significantly better yet a sadness could be felt. A deep feeling of love was mentally sent to Cleo, whilst communicating to her that she would have a lovely new home soon. Upon leaving, her sadness was released.

Cleo was very soon found a lovely new home. It was wonderful to have met her and been a small part of her life.

Donkey’s Taking Some Time For Rest & Relaxation

At The Wonkey Donkey Sanctuary we have found that the donkeys are really receptive of the Reiki energy and it is a joy to see these beautiful animals showing their appreciation in various ways such as laying down relaxing, standing up in a relaxed state and even pressing their head or body against our hands. Amongst the family groups, there is one group of 8 donkeys in particular to mention and they are…The lovely little ‘Angel’ (her name is well suited) and her equally lovely family, Starlight, Topaz, Magic, Millie, Tippi, Poppy and the only boy Toby. They are a very happy and friendly group of donkeys that have been blessed with a nice life which they continue to have at the Sanctuary.

An Elephants Response to Reiki

While on holiday in Thailand, we had the opportunity to visit an Elephant sanctuary, which was a sanctuary looking after former working elephants, given a new home and new environment to relax and enjoy the rest of their lives.

Following an introduction to the sanctuary and information about it’s work rescuing and looking after the elephants, we were introduced to some of these magnificent animals, hand feeding them with some bananas. We were then led procession style, with the elephants, to a bathing pool where we would be invited to bathe with the elephants.

We were divided into small groups with 3 elephants in the pool, and we were very fortunate to have an elephant to ourselves. This was a female elephant about 40 years old. We joined the elephant in the pool and were invited to wash the animal as it laid on its belly in the water. Curious to see if Reiki would have an effect on these huge animals, we both intended Reiki to flow as we laid hands on the animal, gently stroking and scrubbing the animal. The elephant very soon closed its eyes and was very relaxed, just occasionally gently looking to see where we were, but then settling back to eyes closed and relaxed. We looked over to the other 2 elephants in the pool, which were saw were more alert, and being more attentive to the people around them. Our elephant was comfortable and relaxed with our presence, and at one point, tried to lay down further on its side. (this was prevented by the guide, for safety reasons)

Reiki seemed to be having an effect on this magnificent animal.



The physical proof – a very relaxed Elephant