Friends Of Baxter

Seeing is believing for Electra and her kittens


Electra was a stressed mum of 5 young, fit, healthy, extremely active and playful kittens. She just wanted some rest but her babies were constantly jumping about, playing, play-biting her tail and seeking loving, as they were with each other. Her pupils were almost as big as her eyes and she looked exhausted.

We sat a few feet away with some gentle soothing music playing quietly and offered Reiki to all six. Mum started to relax and although the kittens carried on initially, they were clearly slowing down. After a few minutes one kitten jumped up onto their shared bed, another followed, the third lay down next to mum and the fourth moved into the adjacent compartment to lie down in peace. Within no time at all, the two on the bed were unable to keep their eyes open and the final kitten jumped up to join them.

Soon, they were all so relaxed that they lay content and asleep. We continued to let the Reiki flow for a little while. Silence pervaded and not just in this pen, but throughout the Kitten House. Three quarters of an hour later, when we took a peek they hadn’t moved.

Staff popping into the Kitten House described the effects of the Reiki as a miracle, unable to believe that these little livewires were fast asleep and mum too.

We understood that all 5 kittens and mum were off to a foster home that afternoon, where the kittens could have more space to grow and develop. This should also enable mum to find a quiet place for her to have restful naps. This sleep should have relaxed them nicely to also help with their adaptation into their new environment but most importantly it gave mum the desperate rest she had been craving.

This is just one of many ways in which Reiki can benefit animals. To read more case studies see To adopt a cat, see

Sue Malcolm and Julie Ackroyd