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An Elephants Response to Reiki

While on holiday in Thailand, we had the opportunity to visit an Elephant sanctuary, which was a sanctuary looking after former working elephants, given a new home and new environment to relax and enjoy the rest of their lives.

Following an introduction to the sanctuary and information about it’s work rescuing and looking after the elephants, we were introduced to some of these magnificent animals, hand feeding them with some bananas. We were then led procession style, with the elephants, to a bathing pool where we would be invited to bathe with the elephants.

We were divided into small groups with 3 elephants in the pool, and we were very fortunate to have an elephant to ourselves. This was a female elephant about 40 years old. We joined the elephant in the pool and were invited to wash the animal as it laid on its belly in the water. Curious to see if Reiki would have an effect on these huge animals, we both intended Reiki to flow as we laid hands on the animal, gently stroking and scrubbing the animal. The elephant very soon closed its eyes and was very relaxed, just occasionally gently looking to see where we were, but then settling back to eyes closed and relaxed. We looked over to the other 2 elephants in the pool, which were saw were more alert, and being more attentive to the people around them. Our elephant was comfortable and relaxed with our presence, and at one point, tried to lay down further on its side. (this was prevented by the guide, for safety reasons)

Reiki seemed to be having an effect on this magnificent animal.



The physical proof – a very relaxed Elephant