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How sponsorship helps us … and can benefit you too

We are looking for corporate sponsorship: 

  • to enable us to further develop our work in rescue and similar animal care centres, helping sick, neglected, abandoned and ill-treated animals also those suffering from pain, distress, anxiety fear or other emotional issues.  

  • to contribute towards the creation and running of our first rescue centre

  • to fund the production of marketing materials to help with our fundraising and awareness raising as well

  • to enable us to attend more events

  • to fund part/ full-time administrative support as required

Being part of the creation and maintenance of Friends Of Baxter Animal Care could not only add positively to your company’s image, especially from a social corporate responsibility perspective, but publicity of your active support has the potential to increase your customer base too. We are a nation of animal lovers with an estimated 1 in 4 households in the UK owning a pet. Animal owners/ carers are also showing increasing support for natural and holistic complementary therapies due to their benefits and animals desire for the enjoyment of them.

Whatever your contribution to Friends Of Baxter Animal Care your business will be publicly recognised for its support. For more details regarding possible options please contact Sue via

Your contributions will help us to fulfil our dream of helping desperate animals so every contribution is truly valued.

If you have relevant animal related services or products we’d also love to discuss possible opportunities to provide mutual benefit.

Any contribution however great or small is much appreciated

The sponsorship can be for our work at a named venue or more generally for our therapy work to benefit animals in rescue centres and sanctuaries. It can also cover any Reiki training offered to staff/ established volunteers so that therapy sessions can be continued on a regular basis long term. Reiki sessions can make a big difference to these animals, enabling them to be rehomed more quickly which allows more animals to be rescued. This  can save them from a life of suffering and in some cases may actually save their life. The more centres (and animals) we can help the greater the opportunity to raise awareness of our work, enabled through your support.

We are open to discussion regarding the possibility of exclusive sponsorship arrangements.

We require funding to create and enable us to run our first rehabilitation, complementary care and therapy training centre. Costs will cover the provision of safe, comfortable and appropriate accommodation, food, vets bills, heating, equipment (leads, collars, beds, blankets/duvets, feeding and water bowls, toys etc) in addition to the funding of essential care team, and resource for regular exercise and socialisation. We intend for our rescue centre to be supported with volunteers but we cannot be 100% reliant on volunteers for all of the necessary work involved 24/7 365 days a year.

Sponsorship may be a contribution towards this centre or the exclusive funding of our 1st centre set up 

We regularly produce flyers, posters and information cards, and need new point of sale boards, banners and fully weatherproof outdoor gazebos. Additionally, help would be welcomed towards website/ social media activities/ funding, enabling us to to do more in this area of marketing.

As we are a small organisation it is only appropriate to spend a certain proportion of our income on marketing but the more we can get word out about our work the greater the potential for faster growth.

Are you a printing or design company? Could you produce our marketing materials for us? We would be happy for you to include them in a portfolio to promote the diversity of your work. Alternatively, might you be able to contribute towards the costs involved?

Most events we attend charge fees but sponsoring us for this initiative would enable us to attend the larger events such as county shows attended by thousands of people.

What We Offer Our Sponsors

As a sponsor to Friends Of Baxter Animal Care, we will promote and recognise your support publicly. We will also provide summaries of our work, agreed case studies, newsletters and annual reports, and offer to give a talk/ presentation to share our work with your colleagues especially that carried out as a result of your kind funding. We would be open to discussing further publicity and other activities for mutual support if this is of interest.

Also, the opportunity exists to be more actively involved from the early days of our journey, helping us to become a large and successful organisation that will ultimately benefit animals nationwide.

Any support that can be offered would be of immense help. Through your support you could play a small; but still much valued and appreciated; or more significant role in improving and saving animals lives.

See About Us for details of our mission, goals and plans.

If you might prefer to make a single or regular donation please go to Donate or contact us to discuss corporate donating.

To discuss possible business support and opportunities  (including merchandise and exclusivity arrangements) 
 or call Sue on 07737 396 948