Friends Of Baxter

Only Reiki Calmed Miffy

“Being very sensitive to
energy, many animals
naturally seem to
understand that Reiki
will be kind and gentle
and offer them some
soothing relaxation to
benefit them in times
of stress or distress”

What was first notable about Miffy was that she could be heard
before she was seen. She hadn’t had the best start in life. After a
number of years in a rescue centre in the Middle East, she was
brought over here and homed in the UK, then transferred to a
cattery but neither of the latter two worked out. So that’s when
she came into Yorkshire Cat Rescue.

Her loud attention-seeking Miaows attracted anyone near her pen, or even in the building. We learned that her miaowing continued spasmodically when she had human company and certainly when anyone with her moved in readiness to leave her pen. Poor, adorable Miffy. She must have experienced fearful times wondering ‘what next’. She wanted to feel safe, secure, loved and cared for.

We were asked to offer her some Reiki and what happened surprised us all. In the first session she miaowed for a little while and wandered around, not seeking hands-on fussing but appreciating the company.

The Reiki and accompanying music we played very quietly seemed to calm her but miaows clearly indicated her disapproval of being left alone after half an hour. In the second session Miffy miaowed just a few times and brushed against my leg. After receiving the head fussing she requested, she climbed into her soft grey bed on the floor. Feeling safe and content . she made herself comfy and cosy. The Reiki and music provided much contentment and before long she closed her eyes. Expectations to quietly slip away were met with a ‘don’t go’ Miaow.

However, offering Reiki for a few minutes outside her pen resulted in the delightful sounds of a faint but ever so sweet snoring. There was nothing wrong with Miffy’s memory! As soon as her pen
was entered the following week and the music was switched on she knew it was Reiki time. Miffy went straight to her bed and rested her head, facing outwards, waiting for her Reiki to . commence. Relaxing energy flowed and she drifted into a nice doze with no miaowing. The
staff commented on never seeing her like this normally. She felt more settled and content. Within days this wonderful cat was happily.