Friends Of Baxter

About Us

Why Friends Of Baxter Animal Care is different

We differ in our keen desire to optimise animal care and improve animals lives via the daily use of non-invasive and much enjoyed natural and holistic complementary therapies to support veterinary treatments and medications, to offer help where no conventional treatment seems to be working and to benefit animals with emotional and some behavioural issues. 

We offer treatments; with Reiki being the most popular; at rescue centres and as part of our work to raise funds for this charitable activity we also offer a range of treatments to animals on a one to one basis in animal’s homes and familiar surrounds. All the therapies we offer at animal rescue centres, shelters and sanctuaries are free of charge to the animal centres. If you are relatively local to us and wish your rescue animals to receive FREE Reiki please get in touch.

We offer Reiki training and plan to expand this soon to offer a wider range of additional courses and workshops. We also welcome complementary therapy practitioners who may wish to work with us and other volunteers from all walks of life, the main criteria being their love of working with and helping animals. 

​Our longer-term plan is to create the UK’s first charity holistic animal therapy, rescue and hospital venture. However short-term we need to raise significant funds to open our first dedicated therapy centre. Meantime, we will continue to go out to help animals in their surroundings.