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About Friends Of Baxter Animal Care

We are a small non-profit making good cause organisation in Yorkshire with compassionate holistic care at our heart, and through the work of our organisation and our founder, we are already starting to make a difference to animal care in the UK.

Complementary therapies

Evidence strongly supports the benefit of a wide range of natural and holistic complementary therapies for people. 16 therapies, including Reiki, are available via referral from UK GPs and they benefit a considerable number of individuals. From the results repeatedly observed, it seems only right and natural that such therapies become more widely available and we set up Friends Of Baxter Animal Care to deliver complementary animal care. However, no standards for training or for the professional recognition of Animal Reiki Practitioners existed at the time.

Quality foundations

Our Founder has been busy laying solid foundations for our success and for a stronger future for Reiki for Animals. Sue has led a project with the nine organisations that make up the Reiki Council (including UK Reiki Federation – the largest UK Reiki organisation). This four-year initiative has resulted in the creation of National Occupational (training) Standards for Animal Reiki and agreed criteria amongst these organisations for awarding Animal Reiki Practitioner recognition/ membership, based on key aspects of these standards. A by-product of this work is a publication which Sue has co-authored Understanding Animals: A working guide for Reiki Practitioners.

Our organisation’s strapline is ‘where animal always come first’ and when animals are distressed, or otherwise suffering and a natural therapy will offer support, alone or alongside conventional veterinary/ other therapy care, we believe that animals should have the right to be offered this. Through our therapy training and workshops, we intend to increase the number of well-trained practitioners, to reach a greater number of animals.  

More about our therapy training. 

Our focus

Rather than providing Reiki sessions for animals in their own private abodes, the greatest demand for our therapy work surprisingly came from animal rescue and sanctuary settings where animals have often been abandoned, sick, injured or mal-treated. Our Reiki sessions have been so beneficial and rewarding that, thanks to our team of wonderful volunteers – primarily trained by Sue – this became a primary focus of our work. We intend to extend this voluntary service to further animal centres. During the COVID-19 pandemic in-person sessions have been replaced with distant Reiki to enable our service to continue and feedback has demonstrated very positive results. If you wish your rescue animals to receive FREE Reiki please get in touch.

For more about the range of animal complementary therapies we offer see our Therapies.

More about our activities to date and plans can be found on our Missions and values page.