Friends Of Baxter

Reiki helps Munroe’s Anxiety

“During the practice of
Reiki when a strong and
connection exists
between the Practitioner
and an animal, it is
possible for animals to
share their feelings and
for us to experience a
two-way mental

Munroe had come from a home with a very large number
of cats, so many cats in fact that the owner was sadly
unable to give them the care and attention they required.
She came into Yorkshire Cat Rescue very frightened and
anxious and Reiki was requested for her.

Munroe lay in her ‘safe place’, turning around and moving towards the Reiki on offer and disappearing out of sight again after enough Reiki had been received for her first session. The following week, she was less receptive and didn’t move from her bed. This could have been influenced by the two cats in the next pen just, brought in together, who took Reiki with gusto even when it was not being offered directly to them. They clearly wanted attention and perhaps Munroe may also have not been in the mood for some therapy that day.

On my third visit, although not moving from her bed and looking tense throughout, Munroe choose to draw a greater quantity of Reiki energy than previously. However, it was the fourth session where the breakthrough occurred.

After Munroe had shown her openness to healing, Reiki was offered from inside her pen and at a closer distance, just three feet away from her.  Using animal communication, she was informed that that she was safe, and that Reiki was being offered to help her be more settled and comfortable with people she didn’t know so that she could be found a new home, explaining what that meant.

Reiki was directed to help with her past too and she was advised that it was safe to close her eyes if she wanted; the existing distance from her would be maintained. Straight away she closed her eyes and she completely relaxed with her body open and front legs out-stretched. The staff commented upon not having seen her relax like this before. It felt wonderful. She had turned a corner and a week later someone came to rehome her.