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Reiki reduced Tiggy’s Distress

“Reiki offers direct
benefits but it also helps
people and animals to
relax and this can be
beneficial to support
veterinary or medical

Tiggy was a small 12-week-old kitten with the end of one
of her rear legs missing, presumed to be the unfortunate . result of an accident caused by her mum in her early days. She was not very well and on pain killing medication, requiring her temperature to be taken regularly. We were advised that when the thermometer was gently inserted into her rear end she screamed, squirmed and scratched, fighting against this procedure which she clearly disliked. I asked if we might offer Reiki to her for a few minutes before her next temperature reading.

After just a few minutes of receiving Reiki, Tiggy was yawning and showing early signs of relaxation. She was picked up by the care staff and as they took her temperature Reiki continued to be offered to her from a short distance away so as to maintain the energy flow. The staff were amazed – and so were we!

Tiggy made one small sound but no screeching, hardly any movement and no attempt to scratch. She was notably less distressed and all it took was less than 5 minutes of some gentle and non-invasive Reiki.

Animals may not always be quite so responsive, but this reaction reinforced our reason for wanting therapies like Reiki to become commonplace to support veterinary care.

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