Friends Of Baxter

Reiki Supports Sammy’s Recovery

Sammy is a sweet and gentle, elderly Labrador and after struggling to breathe he was taken to a veterinary hospital. Being in an unknown environment must have added to the distress caused by his condition and a late-night call was received in which Reiki was requested for him.


Reiki was sent straight away to support Sammy’s veterinary care and treatment. Energy flowed, slowly initially and then increasingly. His anxiety could be felt from hundreds of miles away but gladly it reduced and a sense of relaxation followed. Animal Communication was used briefly to explain where he was, what was happening and how it came to be that Reiki was being offered to him distantly.


In the morning Sammy’s owners fed back, delighted that he’d been picked up from the hospital. He was better than expected. Stents had been fitted. A smile all round 😊.

However, two days later, another late-night call urgently requested more Reiki. Sammy had not reacted well to the cortisone and his owners were naturally worried and upset. Immediately Reiki was sent and the heat and tingling in my hands indicated the energy flow. After half an hour, intense tiredness suggested he would be asleep. Further Reiki was offered to Sammy for a little longer. Animals always take the lead and we allow them to take as much energy as they wish, if and how they wish.



The following morning Reiki was readily taken and energy flowed consistently. The energy feeling was less stressed … much more relaxed. Relaxation is the most common response to Reiki and a very positive one. When we or animals relax and sleep, our body in its best state for self-healing and tissue repair.


Shortly afterwards Sammy’s owners provided an update: “Sammy asked to go outside at 3 am and did his business, drank, ate and was in a much better mood again. He’s just eaten again. He is MUCH better. 1000 thanks. We will no longer be giving him cortisone”


The veterinary check-up three days later also brought good news: “Everything is fine… completely fine 😊. Sammy is in a good mood again. Thank you for your great support”.

A further message, just two weeks after Sammy went into the hospital, brought the best news of all. “He is great again and can breathe normally for the first time in years. We are so happy!!