Friends Of Baxter

Reiki supports Tabitha’s recovery from Sudden Onset Blindness

“Rescue cat Tabitha, who is about 15 years old, went for her annual vet check with no issue identified other than a little required dental work. The following morning, we had a shock when we saw her. Tabitha’s pupils were huge – filling the whole of her eyes – and she
stumbled on the doorstep. 

An immediate emergency vet visit resulted in a diagnosis of Sudden Onset Blindness with suspected detached retinas in both eyes. She was admitted to their hospital and treated for high blood pressure. I was worried that she would be blind for the rest of her life, but our own vet who saw her the next day was more hopeful for her sight than the emergency vet had been. She was treated with blood pressure tablets.

After about 36 hours after the initial eye problem was noticed, her pupils began to look more normal and she stopped bumping into furniture.

Further blood tests led to hyperthyroidism being diagnosed, probably linked to the eye problem and medication was prescribed. Our vet believed she had partially detached retinas, and/or a mini stroke may have occurred.

Her eyesight and behaviour soon appeared to return to normal and she resumed her happy disposition, enjoying life, particularly going out in the garden, snoozing and eating.

She has always appeared to enjoy Reiki when I have offered it to her previously and she seems very relaxed with it. So, very soon after she lost her sight I asked if Tabitha could receive weekly Reiki from Friends Of Baxter Animal Care Distant Reiki Group. I am very grateful to all who have sent Reiki to Tabitha. I believe it has helped in offering relaxation, comfort and reassurance to her and has supported the healing which has taken place.

I am so pleased that she has her sight back. Our vet says that her blood pressure is looking good now and that he is very happy with her.
She is a lucky cat”