Friends Of Baxter

About Us

Based in Yorkshire, Friends Of Baxter Animal Care has compassionate holistic care at its heart, and through our work and that of our founder in a wider Animal Reiki context, we are already starting to make a difference to animal care in the UK.

Complementary Therapies

Evidence strongly supports the benefit of a wide range of natural and holistic complementary therapies for people. 16 therapies, including Reiki, are available via referral from UK GPs and they benefit a considerable number of individuals. From the results repeatedly observed, it seems only right and natural that such therapies become more widely available, therefore Friends Of Baxter Animal Care was founded to deliver complementary animal care. However, no standards for training or for the professional recognition of Animal Reiki Practitioners existed at the time.

Quality Foundations

Our Founder has been busy laying solid foundations for our success and for a stronger future for Reiki for Animals. Sue has led a project with the nine organisations that make up the Reiki Council (including UK Reiki Federation – the largest UK Reiki organisation). This initiative has resulted in the creation of National Occupational (training) Standards for Animal Reiki and agreed criteria amongst these organisations for awarding Animal Reiki Practitioner recognition / membership and accrediting Animal Reiki training courses, based on key aspects of these standards.  A by-product of this work is a publication which Sue has co-authored Understanding Animals: A working guide for Reiki Practitioners. 

Where animal always come first’ is the slogan for Friends of Baxter Animals Care. When animals are distressed, or otherwise suffering and a natural therapy will offer support, alone or alongside conventional veterinary / other therapy care, we believe that animals should have the right to be offered this. Through our therapy training and workshops, we intend to increase the number of well-trained Animal Reiki practitioners to reach a greater number of animals.  

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Our Focus

For our first few years, the greatest demand for therapy sessions surprisingly came from animal rescue and sanctuary settings, where animals have often been abandoned, sick, injured or maltreated. The Reiki sessions proved so beneficial and rewarding that, thanks to many Practitioners and student Practitioners, primarily trained by Sue, this became a major focus of our work. Working with such animals has provided invaluable expertise in supporting anxious, ill and in some cases, traumatised animals trying to cope with having been purposely abandoned and cruelly treated.

Friends of Baxter Animal Care now concentrates mainly on Animal Reiki training, working very closely with The Reiki Experience, where Sue also runs Reiki training.  Additionally Animal Reiki therapy sessions are carried out by Sue, but more so, by the Animal Reiki Practitioners she has trained. 

Our Values

Friends Of Baxter Animal Care aims to revolutionise animal care in the UK bringing enjoyable and beneficial natural and holistic complementary therapies to mainstream recognition and use, especially for sick, abandoned and cruelly treated animals.

Our Mission

To be ‘animals best friend’

To lead a change in animal care by providing a natural & holistic complimentary therapy training & therapy session service, training Animal Reiki Practitioners from around the UK and promoting availably of their services, thus enabling suffering animals to have access to Animal Reiki wherever they may be.

Through Friends Of Baxter Animal Care and Sue’s wider Animal Reiki work, Sue plans to instigate an Animal Reiki research project, to further raise the profile of this calm, loving and powerfully effective therapy.