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"I have a dream; or should I call it a mission assigned to me; to help sick, abandoned and cruelly treated animals through a holistic and complementary approach. Either way it's now my life's passion. We may have mountains to climb but through Friends Of Baxter Animal Care we will help thousands of animals to benefit from an approach to animal care they clearly enjoy and appreciate. If my dream inspires you to join us please get in touch"

Sue Malcolm - Founder

My Story

The events that led to the creation of Friends Of Baxter Animal Care

January 2011 in a rather surreal moment, I sat up in bed astounded. A silent communication, that I couldn’t even try to describe, made me aware of my purpose in life – to help sick, abandoned and cruelly treated animals. I knew nothing about animals and was actually rather nervous of many, yet I couldn’t have chosen a mission I would have loved more and I wholeheartedly believed this communication, from wherever or whoever it came.

One ‘co-incidence’ led to another and whilst driving home one day, a moving picture in my head showed an image of me stroking an ill dog and as a result it was healed. Wow… fancy doing that for a job I thought and a friend said it sounded a bit like Reiki. ‘Rei what?’  I wondered.

But hearing how this holistic therapy had the potential to help animals in different ways I was hooked and soon booked my level 1 training. In the meantime, I had started volunteering at a local dog rescue centre and after my first Reiki course, the rescue owner saved a dog named Baxter from a dog pound just a few hours before he could have been otherwise destroyed.

As far as I understood, he’d lived with a family who were unable to look after him as much as they might have wished. They had young children and another dog, and Baxter loved chewing things and playing all the time. He required too much time and attention so the owners handed him to a vet. The vet’s practice, as required by law, then handed him over to a dog compound where he had 7 days to be claimed or rescued before he would be lethally injected. Thanks to a kind rescue owner he was saved and after walking him, I sat on his bed offering him Reiki. He jumped on my lap, soaked up the therapeutic energy like there was no tomorrow and sung to me before licking me madly. I’d fallen in love with the dog who I felt most needed loving at that moment in time and he was reserved for a life with me.

To cut a long story short , I progressed to become a Reiki and Animal Reiki Master Practitioner, then teacher for both,  and my purpose in life became clearer. I understood that my destiny would take me to opening a holistic animal rescue, therapy centre and hospital with the profits being reinvested for further development and expansion. I envisaged the therapy centre becoming a teaching centre too, training people from all walks of life to offer lovely therapies to animals in an amazingly relaxing and beneficial way. The idea of setting up a charity was born along with the realisation that I would need to raise significant funds. What has and has not happened since, and my learning along the way will be included in the first of a series of three planned books that will share my journey to helping animals in need.

A key aspect of my journey is to enable other friendly and loving animals to be given a second chance in life like Baxter, consequently, my venture had to be named after the dog who became my best friend and treated everyone he knew and met like a wonderful friend. In the way that Baxter loves anyone whom he meets, Friends Of Baxter Animal Care welcomes everyone who would like to join us, to help in any way, towards the fulfilment of our purpose. 

Sue Malcolm

From setting up our first stall at a village Gala July 2015 with bold plans, unexpected opportunities and requests have led us in an unexpected direction. 

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