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Animal Reiki

Before a treatment is offered, the Animal Reiki Practitioner will gather information relating to the reason for Reiki being sought, the animal’s health/ well-being, both past and present veterinary diagnoses, previous experience of Reiki (if any) and details regarding the animal’s temperament. Reiki will be explained, along with expectations from this therapy.

For any undiagnosed known or suspected conditions, a veterinary diagnosis should first be sought.

The Reiki session will vary depending upon the animal, their physical, mental & emotional state and the reason why Reiki is sought. Ideally, Reiki will be offered in an environment that is familiar and quiet for the animal, and at a time where animals can feel relaxed and most at ease. We like to make it clear that the animal is in charge. They choose whether, and if so, how much Reiki they wish to take, how they wish to receive it and for how long.

What Happens In An Animal Reiki Treatment?

Before a treatment is offered the Animal Reiki Practitioner will gather information relating to animal’s history, lifestyle, health and well-being, previous experience of Reiki if any and explain Reiki and what be expected.

If offering an in-person session, we typically start from a distance, allowing the animal to come closer and seek a hands-on (vs hands off or distant) therapy session should they wish. Reiki may be offered hands 0n- hands off, remotely (e.g. 6-10 feet away) or distantly (from any world-wide location).

When a Reiki Practitioner places her hands on or near a person or animal, the practitioner will normally detect areas of higher energy sensitivity indicating that these are areas that could benefit from this ‘healing’ energy.

When Reiki energy flows,  people usually feel warmth from the practitioner’s hands and a sense of calm relaxation typically follows although other feelings or benefits are possible, and it is believed that animals feel the same.

Animals appear to have a better natural understanding of this energy than us and will frequently push their sore body area(s) into a practitioner’s hands and then move their body round when that area has received enough and another area requires attention; offering a lick or nuzzle to show their gratitude at the end of the session.

The Benefits Of Reiki

Reiki is relaxing and comforting, improving the feeling of well-being and sense of self. It works on the mind and body and is often offered to animals :

  • to help with stress or other emotions (this may also benefit related issues)
  • to help reduce pain/ discomfort
  • to enhance recovery from illness, injury or surgery 
  • for general well-being
  • for a wide range of other situations and conditions 

Reiki supports conventional veterinary medication and treatment and must not be viewed as a replacement for it. It can comfort animals that are passing and may assist when no other treatment has helped. 

Although veterinary consent is not required, a vet’s diagnosis should be gained prior to Reiki being offered to animals when a medical health issue is known or suspected to exist. A Reiki practitioner is not permitted to make a diagnosis

We offer Reiki to all types of animals in any setting 

In rescue centres and similar animal care centres, many animals are sick, in pain or needing veterinary care, alternatively suffering emotionally due to having been neglected, ill-treated or abandoned. Our Reiki service is offered to such rescue centres at no charge to the venue, and our service has become a regular weekly event – distantly, in COVID times.

More information and case studies relating to our rescue work 
Examples of other  case studies

This extremely rewarding work will be a key area of growth for us but we also need funds to set up our own centre where our dedicated time can rehabilitate animals helping them on their journey to brighter times ahead.

If you own/ manage a rescue centre and would be interested in learning more about our free service please contact Sue on

Donations or sponsorship can be offered towards our future development. Any contribution is appreciated.


Our Founder, Sue Malcolm, is our Master Animal Reiki Practitioner and teacher. She currently runs all of our Reiki training courses but Reiki therapy sessions are also offered by our wider team.
Our team 
Our therapy training 



  • £35 per session plus travel

  • Treatments typically last 30 minutes to 1 hour but it depends entirely on how much Reiki the animal wishes to receive 

  • The first treatment includes a consultation and so may be slightly longer

 In-person treatments are currently only available within reasonable travelling distance although distant Reiki treatments can be offered anywhere. We also offer free distant healing. Please contact us if you own/ care for an animal to whom you would like Reiki sending.  

Some pet insurance companies may cover Reiki treatment – please check your policy.

For more information or to book a treatment please contact Sue on  or send a message via the Contact page. 

''As a master Reiki and Animal Reiki practitioner, I am constantly amazed by feedback I receive from clients and owners of animals who have been offered Reiki for various reasons. It is known for creating a sense of relaxation and improving the feeling of wellbeing and sense of self … but Reiki practitioners, clients animals and their owners regularly see results far beyond this''
Susan Malcolm
Master Reiki Practitioner