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How You Can Support Our Work to Benefit Animals

Friends Of Baxter Animal Care appreciates support however great or small.

If you have a positive story to share about Reiki helping you and an animal you care for, let people know about it.

Observe distressed animals relax in situations that would normally add to their anxiety, or experience animals showing you where they are suffering and then demonstrating gratitude after taking as much Reiki as they wish.
Perhaps you know someone else who may like to learn – it could changes your/ their life.

To conduct a robust research study that will be professionally recognised by the veterinary profession, significant funds and personnel with suitable skills (not just Reiki but research protocols and Practitioner guidance, statistical analysis, data gathering and recording, report writing and more), also sufficient venues with animals to receive Reiki. Friends Of Baxter Animal Care cannot do this alone but Sue, our founder is keen for a study to be set up that will demonstrate that Reiki (a non-invasive complementary holistic therapy) relaxes animals.
A study along these lines could be game changing for animals and their care. If you wish to discuss possible involvement please contact Sue via the contact page or [email protected] .

“Research to unequivocally prove the benefits of Animal Reiki will help increase support for this therapy and enable more suffering animals to both enjoy and benefit from its relaxing properties that so often lead to additional health gains”.

If you wish to make a contribution towards the planned research activity all monies are gratefully received – whether a single amount or regular donation. 

Most of the monies that have been given towards our prior goal of setting up a rescue & rehabilitation, training and hospital venture have been transferred to this new purpose. 

However, as some contributions were made to help animals directly, a proportion of our income has been allocated to aid animals in desperate situations. This include supporting a few rescue centres pleading for funds to keep going, to pay for necessary veterinary treatment, to assist a dog compound desperate for dog food, also to help feed, rescue and care for abandoned animals left behind in war and flood situations.

We have a long way to go but we are confident that we will make big in-roads towards achieving our end goal with our own endeavours and support from animal loving individuals and businesses.