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Training and Workshops

  • NEW: Understanding Animals online training  (via zoom)
  • NEW: Understanding Dogs online workshop (via zoom)
  • Animal Reiki level 1 – Foundation (via zoom/ in -person with mentoring support)
  • Animal Reiki Level 2 – Practitioner (Understanding Animals via zoom/ in person  + practical day that must be in-person)  
  • Reiki level 1 – Introductory
  • Reiki Level 2 – Practitioner

Please note: Reiki training is required before commencing Animal Reiki training.
Upon the successful completion of our Animal Reiki Training, our students will meet the requirements necessary to apply for Animal Reiki Practitioner recognition with the UK Reiki Council member organisations and UK Reiki Federation membership, if desired.

Other workshops

Canine Massage and Mindfulness workshop (Introductory) – next date TBC, waiting list available
Canine Tellington TTouch workshop (Introductory) – next date TBC, waiting list available

Feedback from all of our training and classes-to-date has been excellent so book early to avoid disappointment

Understanding Animals training - developed for Reiki Practitioners and Students (via Zoom)

Animal Reiki Practitioners are expected to understand animals as well as Reiki. Until early 2020 no recognised criteria existed for the recognition of Animal Reiki Practitioners by professional Reiki organisations and Understanding Animals was not included in many Animal Reiki training courses. However certain legislation applies to all practitioners offering therapies to animals and much additional practical and theoretical knowledge benefits the professionalism of the practitioner and the optimum response and outcome for the animal.

Friends Of Baxter Animal Care therefore offers complete Animal Reiki Practitioner training, but also this additional training on Understanding Animals specifically focussing on dogs, cats and equines, for anyone who:

  • Has done Animal Reiki training that didn’t include this content and/or
  • Has some experience in offering Reiki to animals but has limited knowledge and/or no formal training on this topic

This training covers:

  • If, when and how to approach and offer Reiki to animals in a safe way, to best earn their trust and to gain the best outcomes
  • Recognising, understanding and responding to animal body language, calming signals and common behaviours 
  • Awareness of major organ and bone locations
  • Relevant veterinary, animal welfare and health & safety legislation/ supporting guidance – what you need to know and do 

This live zoom training provides much useful teaching, discussion, practical information for Reiki sessions, and questions after each section (answered as a group) to cement learnings. Suggested exercises then provide fun ways to further develop your learning after the training. 

It is suggested that you purchase Understanding Animals: A working Guide for Reiki Practitioners – UK Reiki Federation, a publication  that I co-authored on this subject. This provides good reference information to support this training. You will also be  provided with a comprehensive handout and you will be sent a certificate to print out, which can be used  for evidence of  5 hours Continuing Professional Development.

Cost: £80
Dates:  Friday August 12th, Saturday October 15th
Please state which date you wish to attend when booking.
More dates will be added as required to meet demand.  
Timing: 10am – 4.30pm
Places are limited to 8 on each workshop to enable everyone to be easily involved in discussions. 
The fee includes a £15 deposit which is non-refundable. 
Examples of feedback :

Thank you so much, I really enjoyed it and although I have always been around dogs and cats it gave me a much better understanding and insight into their behaviour and body language”   Niki
“Thank you Sue. It was a great session, brilliantly organised and structured. I will be looking at the animals with ‘new eyes’, much more aware of their appearance and behaviours.”   Loretto 
“Many thanks for a very interesting session which was really informative but which also allowed time for reflection. I look forward to working with you again and continuing my Animal Reiki journey.”   Sue
“That was fab.”   Cath
“Thank you for today, it was really interesting and informative. It definitely expanded my knowledge of giving animals a Reiki session.”    Michelle 
“Thank you for providing this amazing source of information and sharing your passion for what you do. I have always believed that animals deserve the same respect as human beings and it actually brought tears to my eyes hearing you talk about how you work and what you have experienced with the animals you have connected with”  Vikki

Understanding Animls book front cover

Understanding Dogs workshop (via Zoom)

Dogs communicate through body language and a range of movements, signals and vocalisations. By recognising and understanding what dogs are “telling you”, you are learning ‘dog language’. By responding to the signs appropriately – which shows that you understand them – it can enable owners to strengthen bonds with their dogs and anyone working with dogs to more effectively build a dog’s confidence, earn their trust and stay safe.

This workshop is a theory and discussion session that provides useful information to take away and put into practice.
Although developed with Reiki Practitioners in mind, it:

  • is useful for dog owners
  • provides vital information for Reiki and other therapy practitioners to use in therapy sessions 
  • benefits dog walkers, dog carers/ pet sitters
  • is important knowledge for anyone working with dogs where this knowledge has not been included in other training

The workshop covers: 

  • Intro about dogs
  • Recognising, understanding and responding optimally to canine body language
  • Identifying and knowing how to respond to calming signals, also which signals you might use yourself
  • Recognising different canine vocalisations and what they mean 
  • Basic anatomy – where major organs and bones are located
  • Legalities specific to dog care and what it means for you

Questions after each section (answered as a group) enable learning to be confirmed and suggested exercises provide fun ways to apply the teachings and further develop your learning after the training. 
An E-manual/ handouts will be provided for you to download
You will be sent a certificate to print out, which can be used  for evidence of Continuing Professional Development 

Cost: £25
Next dates:
  Tuesday  Sept 6th  
Timing: 7pm – approx 9pm
Maximum 12 places per workshop to enable everyone to be easily involved in discussions 

Examples of feedback from our Understanding Dogs Workshops 

“Aww Thanks Sue. I am so glad I joined the class, it was really helpful.”   Debbie
“I found the whole 2 hours really interesting and so many different aspects were covered. I will be so much more aware now of how dogs are probably feeling and what they are communicating. This should really be included in the school curriculum.”   Jenny
“Thank you. The knowledge you shared will focus my attention much more on the dogs I see and meet and hopefully, enhance any future contacts I may have with dogs. Your handouts after the sessions are great  and the certificates are lovely. I would certainly recommend this and your Understanding Animals  Training day to any other interested Therapy Practitioners.”    Loretta

Helping Animals with Emotional Issues relating to past trauma - Workshop for Animal Reiki Practitioners (Via Zoom)

The techniques shared in this workshop are also taught as part of our Animal Reiki level 2 training but are often not included in Animal Reiki training.  They can work extremely well during a Reiki session and I have personally found them invaluable in helping some distressed animals suffering from fear caused by prior events/ activities in their lives. 

This workshop involves theory, practical work and discussion; specifically focusing on active Reiki techniques for Reiki  Practitioners who:

  • Have done Animal Reiki training that didn’t include this content and/or
  • Have many years of offering Reiki to animals  with no training on this topic

Training Content:

  • Introduction and background
  • Discussion of techniques and how they help Animals, with case study examples
  • Practical distant Reiki session applying:
    • Feeling of fear and releasing it
    • Positive visualising
    • Supportive communications
  • Discussion of practical session
  • When & where these techniques may be useful
  • Any questions
  • Next steps – going away to put this into practice

Workshop length: 1 ½ – 2 hours 
Cost: £40
Dates: Wednesday August 25th  
Timing: 7pm – 8.30/9pm
Includes a 16-page A4 handout to read in advance and use afterwards as a valuable reference resource. The workshop discusses the content and puts the learning into practice.
After the event, you will be emailed a certificate to print out, that can be used for evidence of 1 ½ hours Continuing Professional Development.

Examples of feedback
“All animals can suffer emotionally, for a variety of reasons, which may have a direct effect on how they endure current situations and how contented they are with their lives. The trauma of certain events may be so great that it affects the day to day living of the animal and its owners.
This informative Workshop highlights how we can help clear/ reduce emotions attached to these previous traumas so that animals can live happy, contented lives. It provides a varied and easy to follow format.”
” Very interesting. Just the right length and the handout was excellent. I will take the leanings and use them in my Reiki practice.”

Note: Reiki techniques are not replacements for veterinary treatment/ care or behaviour management. Any health issues should first be checked and diagnosed by a vet.

Animal Reiki Level 1 (Foundation)

Reiki training teaches you about Reiki and practicing Reiki on yourself and others develops your initial skills, and enables you to receive feedback from the people to whom you give Reiki treatments. Having gained some Reiki experience, Animal Reiki then teaches you how to effectively offer Reiki to animals. To do this training you must have trained to level I in Reiki, and preferably level II.

This course teaches you the basics of Animal Reiki so that you can effectively offer Reiki to you own and other friendly, typically known animals. You must be a Reiki Practitioner if any payment is received, and suitably insured. The training includes:

1 day Theory – in person or via zoom

  • A brief review of training/ practice to date
  • A Reiju (Reiki blessing)
  • Energy and science, especially relevant to animals
  • Basics of Animal Reiki and how if differs from Reiki with people, incl. permission and connecting
  • Animal chakras
  • The process of offering Reiki (incl. information gathering and paperwork, preparation, approach,  carrying out the session,  likely responses and outcomes, when and various ways to offer Reiki hands-on, hands-off, remotely and
    distantly, post session communications and written records)
  • Ways to offer Reiki to a wide range of species
  • Using Reiki to help animals in a number of situations/ circumstances
  • Other considerations and most common mistakes
  • A few exercises
  • Discussion about practical work

 Practical work, which can be progressed in 2 ways

  1. In your own time using exercises provided, with follow up zoom communication(s) to discuss practical work and receive feedback and further guidance. Videos may be sent for feedback.
    If choosing this option you must already have some experience in offering Reiki to animals and there must be a commitment to do our level 2 training (includes in-person practical day where your practical work can be observed and feedback/ further guidance provided as required). 
  2. In person 

Cost: £175 
Theory via Zoom – 1 day :  Sunday July 3rd, Sunday September 4th
Theory & practical in-person- 2 days:  please ask for available dates
Timing: 10am – 4.30/ 5pm
Includes manual and certificate
Certificate is provided at the end of the practical day for in-person training or after feedback of suitable practical work for zoom training.

Examples of feedback
“To anyone who is thinking of taking Animal Reiki level 1 training in-person with Sue to go for it, you won’t regret it. Sue covers everything in the comprehensive manual that is provided with the course very well, explaining everything thoroughly and answered any questions expertly. We had a trip to the donkey sanctuary and also to a house with 3 dogs and a cat to get some live experience. Altogether an enjoyable 2 days immersed in Animal Reiki. I look forward to doing level 2”    Paul
“Thank you for the great training today”   Kay
“Thank you for the wonderful course, I found it incredibly useful. Your Animal Reiki Level 1 course helped me to identify in my Reiki practice the key differences between working with animal and humans. I now feel confident and am excited to include animals in my Reiki practice.”   Melissa
Thank you so much for the training, I loved it and learnt a lot 🙂 ”   Victoria

Animal Reiki Level 2 ( Practitioner)

As an Animal Reiki Practitioner you need to understand and be confident in offering Reiki to different animals in a wide range of situations – competently, effectively and safely. This requires you to be proficient in Reiki as well as having a good understanding of animals.  To do this training you need  to be trained to level II in Reiki  and have completed Animal Reiki level 1/ Foundation that is comparable to our level 1.
An animal’s emotional issues can sometimes stem from the owner’s/ carer’s emotions and so you need to be qualified as a Reiki Practitioner and be insured to work with people before being awarded an Animal Reiki Practitioner, after which insurance needs to be extended to offering Reiki to animals also.

This training includes: 

  1. Understanding Animals training (see the Understanding Animals workshop for content) This part of the training can be via the zoom workshop or in-person
  2. An in-person practical day
  3. Mentoring support
  4. Assessment of Animal Reiki session notes prior to certificate being awarded

This training requires your own dedicated practice. A minimum of 30 Animal Reiki sessions that demonstrate your competency in understanding animals and also Reiki , must be submitted and assessed before you will be awarded with an Animal Reiki level 2 (Practitioner) certificate.

Longer term, it may be possible for the training to be conducted at venues near you if suitable facilities are available for the theoretical learning and animals are available for the practical sessions. however this is likely to involve additional costs. For staff and established volunteers at rescue centres and animal care centres, we are setting up a special arrangement for Animal Reiki training – please enquire if interested.

Cost: £200 
If the Understanding Animals workshop is attended, the cost of the practical day is £120 which includes assessment of practical work and a certain amount of mentoring support.  
For those who wish to apply for UK Reiki Federation Animal Reiki membership a complementary 1 hour zoom session is available to outline requirements and provide a revision opportunity.

Understanding Animals via Zoom: see Understanding Animals workshop above (regular events)
Understanding Animals in person: Dates are organised to tie in with practical training  
Timing: 10am – 4.30pm
Animal Reiki 2 Practical in-person day :  arranged to suit availability of students and animal venues.
Dates organised for current level 1 students:  March 12th and March 25th, more will be added
Includes manual and certificate
Certificate is provided after successful assessment of notes from Animal Reiki sessions that demonstrate student competence.

Examples of feedback
“I experienced Sue’s Animal Reiki courses (level 1 and 2) throughout as outstanding. Sue is a brilliant teacher, knowledgeable and patient, never tired of answering questions and she knows how to get information across. I learned so much, not just about Animal Reiki but I could also deepen my knowledge of Reiki in general. The courses were priceless, worth every penny I paid.”    Kay
“It has been an absolute pleasure completing the Animal Reiki courses with Sue.  Given Sue’s tremendous work in this area over the past few years, her knowledge and experience shines through.  I have enjoyed these courses immensely.  The content is very thorough and, coupled with the practical learning, it has enabled me to have complete confidence when working with and having a greater understanding of animals. I have also enjoyed seeing my bond develop even further with my own dogs.  I consider it a huge privilege to now be in this position to help animals with Reiki.  Thank you so much Sue”    Nicola
“I am really enjoying my Animal Reiki training and seeing the joy in the animals faces, how they interact with the Reiki and how calm they become xx ”   Hellen

Reiki Training Level I (Introductory)

This is the basic entry level for learning the technique of Reiki and starts with self healing. Whether you wish to work with people or animals you need to learn to offer Reiki to people first.

The 2 day course (or equivalent hours) will consist of you receiving attunements, as well as learning theory and putting your learning into practice. After this course you will be able to give Reiki to yourself and on an unpaid basis to friends and family. You will then be asked to complete a number of Reiki treatments to show your readiness to progress to level II (practitioner level).

Our events are an opportunity to meet like-minded people, have fun and learn a technique that is yours for life but you are not left on your own after the training, Sue will be your mentor for life or for as long as you desire her help. 

Cost, dates and student feedback: see Therapy training | thereikiexperience or Online Therapy Training | thereikiexperience

Reiki training by Sue at The Reiki Experience to professional practice level (includes levels I and II) is accredited  by the UK Reiki Federation and meets Reiki Council NOS & Core curriculum for CNHC registration.


Reiki Level II (Practitioner Level)

This takes your Reiki to a higher level, again through a mix of attunement, theoretical learning and practical sessions. At this level you will have an opportunity to send Reiki distantly and work to a greater extent with animals should you wish, although it is highly recommended that you train in Animal Reiki should you wish to offer Reiki to animals.

As for level I you will be asked to complete a required number of Reiki treatments and hours of practice following your training in order to gain adequate experience before offering your services as a Reiki Practitioner to paying customers. We will also discuss practical aspects such as professional indemnity insurance, membership of a professional Reiki association also ways to gain experience and raise awareness of your Reiki service. 

In between level I and II, and ongoing afterwards, you are welcome to attend Sue’s regular Reiki shares where you can meet and chat to other people The Reiki Experience has trained, learn and practice new skills, share experiences and enjoy relaxing and fun evenings. The courses do provide a lot of learning but we aim for them above all to be enjoyable and rewarding for everyone…. and Sue is there for you afterwards should you need any support or guidance.  

Master Practitioner , Professional Practice and Teacher training are also available

Cost, dates and student feedback:  see Therapy training | thereikiexperience 

Reiki training by Sue at The Reiki Experience to professional practice level (which includes levels I and II) is accredited  by the UK Reiki Federation and meets Reiki Council NOS & Core curriculum for CNHC registration.

Tellington Touch Workshop

TTouch is a kind, effective and forward-thinking way to help build a dog’s confidence and improve learning.  It recognises that there is an inextricable link between posture and behaviour and uses body work, groundwork exercises and specific equipment to release tension and to promote a feeling of calm and well-being.

On this workshop you will learn how simple TTouch techniques can help your dog become calmer and more relaxed with more focus and confidence. 

Attending this workshop does not qualify you to offer what you learn to animals other than your own on a paid or unpaid basis. More extensive training is required to become a Practitioner.

The workshop will cover:

  • Observations on how to build up a picture of your dog’s
    posture and coat changes which may be causing tension
  • TTouch bodywork, more specifically some touches that
    will help to calm and relax your dog
  • Lead Handling Techniques for when out walking or doing
    groundwork with your dog
  • Body wraps for use when your dog is stressed to help
    him/her to feel calm and confident.

More details:

  –   We just have space for 10 dogs with owners/ carers and places must be booked and
       paid in advance
  –   Your dog must be dog friendly

What you need to bring with you: 
A blanket or bed for your dog to lie on between exercises

Cost: £35. Pre booking is essential. 

  –   The workshop is run by Penny Leedal, Tellington TTouch Practitioner P1
  –   Next date, timing and venue: TBC
Although places cannot yet be booked, please register your interest to be notified when dates are available to book.

Canine Massage & Mindfulness Workshop (Introductory)

“Touch is so simple, yet so profound, and it tells us much about our dog’s body”

If the idea of 2 hours away from ‘normal’ life in a relaxing space with your dog, learning and practicing an amazing yet simple, foundational massage technique appeals, then come along to our Canine Massage and Mindfulness Meditation Workshop on Sept 14th. In this workshop you will learn how to support your dog’s welfare through touch. The technique being taught (effleurage) can then be used at home with your dog.

Canine massage can help you to better understand your dog’s body and intensify the bonds built between you. It is a natural therapy to restore, maintain and enhance your dog’s overall well-being, and as it is holistic, it works collectively on the dog’s body, mind and emotions. Most dogs find it very relaxing. Creating time and space just for you and your dog can help to enhance your mood too!

Attending this workshop does not qualify you to offer what you learn to animals other than your own on a paid or unpaid basis. More extensive training is required to become a Practitioner.

Benefits of Canine Massage and Mindfulness:

  –    Reduces stress for you and your dog
  –    Strengthens the bond between you and your dog
  –    Improved general mood
  –    Improves well-being
  –    Greater ability to notice changes in your dog’s body

More details

We just have space for 10 dogs with owners/ carers and places must be booked and paid in advance.
Your dog – must be dog friendly

What you need to bring with you:

  –   A cushion for you to sit on
  –   A blanket for your dog to lie on (we will be working on the floor)

Cost: £30. Pre booking is essential.

  –   The workshop is held by Canine Massage Therapy Practitioner Jayne (member of the
       Canine Massage Guild).
  –   Please arrive at 10am for an 10.15 start. The workshop will end approx. 12.15 with
       time afterwards for questions
  –   Next date, timing and location : TBC
Although places cannot yet be booked, please register your interest to be notified when dates are available to book.

Additional information

Introductory Workshops 

These are an introduction to give you an idea of the different techniques/ therapies. They do not qualify you to offer what you learn to animals other than your own on a paid or unpaid basis. More extensive training is required to become a Practitioner, in some cases this can take 2 years.


You may find courses elsewhere that allow you to train in Animal Reiki at both level 1 and 2 after you have completed just level 1 (human) Reiki training. However, it is necessary to be qualified to offer treatments to animals’ carers/ owners too, to be able to help animals optimally where their emotional or behavioural issues stem from the owner’s behaviour. For this, is it necessary to have qualified as a (human) Reiki Practitioner and be insured to work with people also.

It can also be helpful to allow animal owners and carers the opportunity to try a treatment themselves to better understand how Reiki works and what it feels like, so that they can better understand the possible benefit for their animal(s).

Please also note that if you opt for an on-line Reiki course you will not be permitted to join any Professional Reiki Association that is a member of the  Reiki Council. You will also not be eligible for addition to the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) UK register of accredited complementary therapy practitioners. Being included on this Register allows GPs to refer patients to you.

General comments for all training and workshops 

The techniques or therapies offered by us in training or workshops do not replace, veterinary care, but may provide help and support in a variety of ways. If you have any health concerns about your animal(s), please refer to your vet before carrying out these techniques or therapies.

Enquire About Training