Friends Of Baxter

Our Vacancies

Would You Like To Be Part Of Our Team?

We welcome volunteers to help out in a variety of roles, especially related to raising awareness and fundraising. For fundraising please see here if you need any ideas on how you can support us.

If you are interested in any of the roles below, please contact us with a brief description of yourself, your relevant experience, why you wish to help Friends Of Baxter Animal Care and the role you wish to apply for. 

Note: Except for the Social Media roles all other positions require you to be within easy access of West Yorkshire  

Friends Of Baxter Animal Care Fundraising Manager

Roles & Responsibilities

The Fundraising Manager is responsible for raising funds for Friends of Baxter Animal Care in accordance with the strategic plan, as follows:

  • Liaising with the Chair and/or Trustee(s) to create a strategy and action plan to raise funds both corporate (sponsorship and donations) and general

  • Creation of a fundraising / sponsorship pack – with Trustee support

  • Contacting and liaising with appropriate companies and organisations regarding fundraising opportunities including donating/ sponsorship – with Trustee support

  • Involvement with the creation and delivery of presentations, as appropriate

  • Managing other volunteers who are helping with fundraising, as appropriate

  • Liaising with the Events Co-ordinator regarding fundraising activities to maximise benefits

  • Working with the Events Co-ordinator to create new fundraising ideas/ activities

  • Managing the funds raised in association with the Treasurer/ Finance Officer

  • Seeking to raise the target funds outlined in the business plan

Expected skills

  • Sales and negotiation abilities

  • Good written and verbal communication skills

  • Well organised

  • Administrative skills

  • Resourceful

  • Creative

  • Proactive and self-motivated

  • Good with people, and a team player

  • Good working independently also

Friends Of Baxter Animal Care Events Co-ordinator

Roles & Responsibilities

The Event Co-ordinator is responsible for managing and co-ordinating a series of events to help raise awareness and funds for Friends of Baxter Animal Care as follows:

  • Working with the Fundraising Manager to develop an outline activity/ events plan, for approval by the Trustees

  • Organising and marketing the above (including keeping the website up to date)

  • Developing a marketing and promotional pack for use at events in conjunction with the Social Media Manager/ personnel 

  • Creating and managing the activity programme including:

    • Training, workshop and other ‘educational’ classes activities

    • Sponsored and other promotional events

    • Animal shows

    • Car boot sales etc

    • Talks

    • Other eg race evenings, card readings, cake stalls, raffles/ tombolas etc

 Organising suitable venues for the above if/ as required

  • Liaising with other event organisers and booking the above events, providing Trustees and/ or volunteers can attend, as appropriate

  • Developing and managing other volunteers helping with events, as appropriate

  • Managing the events budget

  • Managing the income and expenditure in association with the Treasurer/ Finance Officer

Expected skills

 Communication skills

  • Good organisation

  • Administrative skills

  • Creative

  • Effective problem solving

  • Proactive and self-motivated

  • Good with people, and a team player

  • Good working independently also

Friends Of Baxter Trustees

Roles & Responsibilities

Trustees hold a highly responsible position within the organisation.

They have overall control of a charity and are responsible for making sure it’s doing what it was set up to do i.e. fulfilling its legal purpose.

Trustees are the people who lead a charity and decide how it is run. Using your skills, knowledge and experience, as a trustee you will make decisions that will impact upon and make a difference to the lives and wellbeing of others.

Trustees act as a single body, being members of a management board, and are volunteers. Hence they cannot be paid for their trustee role, although they can claim reasonable expenses. Their main duties are to:

1.       Ensure the organisation is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit

2.       Comply with the organisation’s governing document and the law

3.       Act in the organisation’s best interests

4.       Manage the organisation’s resources responsibly

5.       Act with reasonable care and skill

6.       Ensure the organisation is accountable

As Friends Of Baxter Animal Care is only a small organisation, we would ask that you also help with our work in some way 

Meeting Frequency

You would be expected to attend quarterly Trustee meetings and the AGM. The dates will be advised well in advance.e.

We are looking for Trustees who:  

  • will bring valuable skills, expertise, knowledge or who have links with individuals who may be of benefit to us

  • are confident, good communicators and who will actively contribute to discussions, offering suggestions and constructive opinions

  • will play in role in the creation and review of official documentation, which may require additional reading/ research 

  • are animal lovers and support the use of holistic therapies, as appropriate

  • are willing to get involved to help when required

  • are able to commit for 2-3 years