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Animal Reiki Practitioners

Please find below information about Animal Reiki Practitioners Sue has trained who are offering paid therapy sessions.
All have completed full training and their expertise has been evaluated before they have been awarded their qualification certificates. Please check for prices and any additional travel costs before booking a session.

Please note: These Practitioners are not affiliated with Friends Of Baxter Animal Care  or offering Animal Reiki on our behalf.
Their listing below is also not a recommendation from Sue or Friends Of Baxter Animals Care. They have been added to this website free of charge as a way to support our students, helping them to gain greater awareness amongst individuals seeking Reiki treatments for their animals.

If there is no Animal Reiki Practitioner close to you, Distant Reiki sessions can be just as effective and can be especially helpful where animals are distressed by the presence of strangers.

Some pet insurance companies may cover Reiki sessions – please check your policy.

For more information or to book a session, please send a message via the contact page and your email will be forwarded to any of the respective Animal Reiki Practitioners for them to reply to you directly.

Practitioners in England

Name: Melissa Higgins

Reiki and Animal Reiki Master Practitioner

Location: Redbridge, Greater London and South Essex border

Animals for whom Reiki is offered: all, especially family pets, farm animals, ponies and donkeys

I used to notice how my cats were drawn to me like a magnet whenever I gave myself a Reiki
self-healing treatment, and quickly discovered that they loved to receive Reiki too. I was eager to
gain my Animal Reiki Practitioner training with the UK Reiki Federation, and patiently waited over a
year for an opportunity to train with Friends of Baxter Animal Care, and I travelled all the way up to
West Yorkshire to do my levels 1 and 2. My training taught me how sensitive animals are to the
healing Reiki energies, the ways in which Reiki could help them to relax and overcome emotional,
physical and behavioural issues, and ways to deepen my connection with the animals I heal. I’m
fortunate to be a regular volunteer with the farm at my local country park, and I get to work every
week with cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, llamas, birds and even ferrets; most of whom
are rescues.

Name: Wendy Gordon

Animal Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and Teacher

Location: Ilkeston, Derbyshire

Animals for whom Reiki is offered: all, especially dogs, cats, horses, ponies, donkeys and family pets

I’ve always had a strong connection with nature and love of animals, my original Reiki
Attunements deepening my connection to them massively. My Animal Reiki training has further
opened my eyes to how spiritual animals are plus how responsive they are to the healing energy.
They seem to know what they need, taking the lead during sessions offered, often obtaining great
benefit with Reiki’s deeply relaxing effects, this in turn facilitating the body’s natural healing
processes. The techniques I’ve learnt in my comprehensive Animal Reiki training with Sue of
Friends of Baxter Animal Care have helped me to also make strong loving connections with the
animals I work with. This has ultimately further developed my practice in Animal Reiki to a higher
level…working with animals has never been so enjoyable and rewarding.

Name: Kay Ullrich

Reiki Master/Teacher and Animal Reiki Practitioner

Location: Olham, Greater Manchester

Animals for whom Reiki is offered: all, especially companion animals and horses

Growing up with guinea pigs, cats, dogs, horses and birds I shared most of my life with
animals, currently a dog and a cat. I discovered Reiki after a devastating experience with one of my
rescue cats, who became terminally ill only weeks after I adopted her. It made me feel helpless to
see her suffer and I wished I had some tool to complement veterinary treatment, to ease her way
through her final days. So, when I heard about Reiki I didn’t hesitate to train through all stages, to be
able to help others. As a pet guardian I really appreciate to be able to assist a broad variety of
animals to cope with physical or emotional challenges. Throughout the years I have seen the positive
effects of Reiki and it still fills me with awe and pleasure to be able to bring these positive effects

Name: Sam Webley

Animal Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and Teacher

Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire

Animals for whom Reiki is offered: all, especially family pets, ponies and horses

If there is one thing in this world that always puts a smile on my face it’s an animal… and
anything that naturally makes me reflect a smile back to them is precious in my eyes. Whenever an
animal in need has managed to find its way to me, I have helped them. Therefore, when I came
across Animal Reiki it felt perfect for me to make it a big part of my life. It’s amazing to see how
animals naturally respond to the energy, finding it very relaxing and calming. The benefits from this
lovely energy are endless and the animals take what is needed for them at that time. Much of my
Animal Reiki work has been with animals in rescue centres, being treated with an illness, injury, or
anxiety related issues but I have offered Reiki to benefit various species of animals to support a wide
variety of circumstances.

Name: Alison Schmutz

Animal Reiki Practitioner

Location: Carlisle, Cumbria

Animals for whom Reiki is offered: all, especially rescued and re-homed dogs and equines including high performance competition horses

Animals and horses in particular have always been my passion and following my initial Reiki training I began offering reiki to racehorses.  I am BHS trained, an equine sports massage therapist and have worked with horses competing at the highest level in racing, eventing and dressage.  Many years later, after rehoming a dog from the local animal refuge for an elderly parent I started volunteering in the kennels and soon began offering Reiki to the dogs and cats who found themselves in a strange and often unsettling environment.  Reiki offered support to the mental and emotional problems that the animals faced and also provided comfort for physical issues. The experience was so rewarding that I decided to further my training to become an Animal Reiki Practitioner and I also included various studies in animal behaviours and psychology.  

Practitioners in Scotland

Name: Nicola Hateley

Reiki and Animal Reiki Master Practitioner

Location: Dunfermline, Fife

Animals for whom Reiki is offered: dogs, cats, smaller pets, ponies, donkeys and horses

Several years ago, my Golden Retriever contracted cancer.  I was trained to Reiki Level II and tried to offer Reiki on many occasions and could not understand why she didn’t want to accept however, after undertaking Animal Reiki training, I now understand.  I’ve been blown away by my experiences offering Reiki to animals. From witnessing how receptive they are in sensing the energy, the connection that can be made, and also how funny animals can be when they know it’s Reiki
time!  Always letting the animal lead is vital – this can be them jumping straight onto my knee, showing me a body area which needs Reiki, or remaining a watchful distance away but still open to receiving Reiki. Distance Reiki can also be really effective in helping animals relax and trust, enabling them to release anxiety, trauma or other emotional issues and I’ve had very positive results working in this way too.

Name: Sujarda Herring

Reiki Master Practitioner and Animal Reiki Practitioner

Location: Edinburgh (Central)

Animals for whom Reiki is offered: all animals

Reiki is a beautiful practice that offers so many benefits to all living things. When I first
started my training, my two greyhounds were very interested in my practice and now they have
their very own signal (usually pushing one of their body parts into my hands) when they would like a
session. After several years of giving them regular treatments I was able to train as an Animal Reiki
Practitioner and started offering Reiki to animal large and small and its the most rewarding part of
my practice. Domestic pets are always welcome in my practice in central Edinburgh and I also offer
home visits for animals large and small. I’m always happy to answer questions so please get in touch.

Name: Hellen Inglis

Reiki Master & Animal Reiki Practitioner

Location: Dunfermline, Fife

Animals for whom Reiki is offered: dogs ,cats ,horses, ponies, donkeys and others

My Reiki journey started in 2015 and throughout my training I wished to offer Reiki to animals too. I love to see the animals completely relax and for owners to notice the difference after their Reiki.

I grew up with pets and regularly offer Animal Reiki, letting the animals lead so that they feel in control. When out in the street, dogs come up to me and sit on my feet as if they are asking for Reiki – they seem to sense it. Along my Animal Reiki journey, I have found myself naturally communicating with the animals and being understood, especially a dog who disliked fireworks. Even upon saying “fireworks”, his reaction was to bark at me. But when I explained in his Reiki session that I understood and wanted to help, he quickly settled and was calmer afterwards.

Animal Reiki can have amazing benefits and I plan to train in Animal communications too, then build communications into my professional Animal Reiki work.