Friends Of Baxter

The Rehabilitation of Dave

A major part of work in 2019 and 2020 became the voluntary offering of Reiki to benefit animals in rescue centres and sanctuaries – helping other charities to optimise their animal care and speed up rehoming. 💕

During the lockdown, we learned that a local centre, Prickly Edge Hedgehog Rescue was so busy taking in hedgehogs in need of care, that they sought some help in order that more could be rescued.


They were looking after 50 hedgehogs but little Dave really stood out. He’d sadly been attacked by a dog and needed time and care to give his wounds time to heal. David and Maria, two of our trustees, adapted their conservatory to be the ideal hedgehog habitat. They heated it to help Dave thrive initially. The temperature was then gradually lowered to prepare him for life outside when he was ready for rehabilitation to his natural environment.

David and Maria have done Reiki and Animal Reiki training through Friends Of Baxter Animal Care and have volunteered with us to offer Reiki to many animals in a variety of situations. They relished the opportunity to offer Dave Reiki to build up his strength and promote positive healing. He was believed to benefit from many a session of holistic complementary therapy from a little distance away.


Fast forward two months, not only had Dave reached his 800g weight goal for hibernation but he weighed in excess of 900g! Not wanting Dave to miss his creature comforts when he was released into their secure garden, he was treated to a choice of two purpose-built hedgehog igloos and a safe log pile close to the conservatory. These gave him a selection of venues where he could hibernate and somewhere that he could always come to feel safe after a wander around. His dedicated hedgehog garden was a generous 6x3m 😊


For a couple of weeks, food put out for him disappeared daily, suggesting regular visits, and CCTV was being considered to keep an eye on him and ensure that Dave remained fit and well until he chose to curl up and sleep for the winter.


Dave, the little wounded hedgehog, 🦔 had been rehabilitated and returned to the outdoors – happy and healthy.


To learn more about Prickly Edge Hedgehog Rescue see (