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Equine Muscle Release Therapy

Equine Muscle Release Therapy (EMRT) is the equine version of The Bowen Technique, it has been developed directly from the work of Tom Bowen and was developed in Australia specifically for horses.

EMRT or Bowen For Horses is a natural, holistic therapy which works to bring the body back into balance and homeostasis using a series or gentle rolling moves punctuated by short breaks which allow the body time to respond.

Bowen movements send signals via the body’s nervous system at specific locations on muscles, tendons, ligaments or nerves which trigger the body’s innate healing mechanisms to do the rest, responding in the body’s own time, as much as it is able.

EMRT allows the body to re-program to its natural state of health on physical, biomechanical and mental / emotion levels.

Physically this allows the tissues to return to their flexible state and for natural muscular, skeletal, circulatory and neural activity to resume.

What happens in a treatment?

A detailed history about the horse is taken (this includes diet exercise any physical, behavioural or ridden issues, injuries, illnesses etc). The horse is assessed in motion and by physical palpation.

The treatment is very gentle yet very powerful, the horse is assessed during and after his/her treatment
A course of 3 treatments is recommended in the first instance.
As with any equine therapy a veterinary consent form is required.

The benefits and conditions it may help

  –   Unexplained deterioration in performance
  –   Unexplained resistances under saddle
  –   Irritability
  –   Uneven muscle development/muscle wastage
  –   Stiffness on one rein
  –   Intermittent or unresolved lameness
  –   Disunited paces
  –   Sore or cold back
  –   Filled legs
  –   Lymphatic or lactic acid imbalances
  –   Anxiety and stress issues  

As well as dealing with remedial issues EMRT may be useful in the maintenance of general good health and assist in the prevention of injury.
It has also been found to be useful in assisting recovery from injury and in palliative cases.

More information and to book a treatment


  • £40 per session plus fuel if over a 40 mile round trip, as the treatments are usually carried out in the horse’s stable
  • Each session typically lasts 45 minutes – 1 hour
  • The first session takes up to 1 ½ hours as this includes a consultation 

Please request a Veterinary Consent Form if wishing to book a treatment.

Some pet insurance companies may cover or give a contribution to Equine Muscle Release Therapy – please check your policy.

For more information or to book a treatment please contact us via the Contact page or email Sue on

Information for vets

  • We advise that Equine Muscle Release Therapy is not a substitute for traditional veterinary care. It is designed to complement treatment provided by your vet. Equine Muscle Release Therapy is only available with consent or on referral from your vet.

  • We work strictly within the codes of professional conduct for our profession which require us to comply with relevant aspects of the 1966 Veterinary Surgeons Act and 2016 guidance pertaining to it, in particular regarding diagnosis, treatment and advice.

  • Should the therapist come across an issue or problem with the dog that was not disclosed on the Consent Form or has become apparent during the course of treatment, the owner will be referred back to their vet and the treatment suspended until further consent has been obtained.