Friends Of Baxter

About Us

Why Friends Of Baxter Animal Care is Different

Once approved by the Charity Commission, we will be the first animal Charity of our kind in the UK. Registered charities exist that offer holistic therapies, including Reiki, to people but none yet have a purpose of offering such therapies to animals.

Evidence now strongly supports the benefit of a wide range of natural and holistic complementary therapies for people. 16 therapies, including Reiki, are available via referral from UK GPs and they benefit a considerable number of individuals in hospital, hospice, clinic, support group and other settings. The results are leading to growing use as they are relaxing, enjoyable and helpful.
From the results repeatedly observed, it seems only right and natural that such therapies are made more widely available to animals.  

Our organisation’s strapline is ‘where animal always come first’ and when animals are distressed, or otherwise suffering and a natural therapy will offer support, over and above the vet’s conventional care, we believe that animals should have the right to be offered this. It is after all, offered at no cost to the rescue and freely offered for animals to accept should they wish… which most do.

Through our training and workshops, we intend to increase the number of well-trained practitioners, to ultimately reach a greater number of animals with the training costs going towards further animal care.  

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

Friends Of Baxter Animal Care aims to revolutionise animal care in the UK bringing enjoyable and beneficial natural and holistic complementary therapies to mainstream recognition and use, especially for sick, abandoned and cruelly treated animals.

Our Mission

To be ‘animals best friend’

To lead a change in animal care by providing a natural & holistic complimentary therapy service, training and educating animal carers, and creating a unique holistic animal therapy, rescue & hospital venture. 

Our plan had been to open our first Friends Of Baxter Animal Care Charity natural and holistic animal complementary therapy centre Summer 2018 from which to offer a wide range of training courses and treatments.

However, the greatest demand for our therapy work has been for animals in a rescue centre setting and this has been so beneficial and rewarding that we are now focusing our charitable work on going out to offer this free service to help needy animals in more animal care centres.

As a source of fundraising for our charitable work we will continue to offer therapy sessions to other animals and develop our range of training/ workshops & other activities

Additionally, we will start to re-home unwanted animals in 2019

Our application to become a registered charity is well underway, but due to its uniqueness it has required specialist evaluation, which has added time. We hope to be granted this status shortly though.

To expand our therapy work, help animals in rescue centres, shelters and sanctuaries and develop our own rescue centre.

When we have the funds and resource to add a purpose-built holistic animal/ veterinary hospital. We will offer a new approach to animal care and well-being. From there we will focus on getting the model right, in preparation for opening more centres.

To start expanding, rolling out Friends of Baxter Animal Care holistic hospitals, therapy centre and rescue ventures to other locations in the UK, sharing our knowledge and learnings for the benefit of animals everywhere.


Our Values

To provide natural and holistic complementary animal treatments to ‘animals in need’ in rescues, shelters and sanctuaries

….at no cost to the animal centre and offer a means for sustained therapy treatments to be available to animals in their care

To reduce suffering and improve animals lives through the ‘promotion and use of’ and ‘education about’ natural and holistic therapies, where they are in an animal’s best interest

….e.g. for relaxation, for general well-being and to support veterinary care

To make natural and holistic complementary animal therapy treatments more accessible

….to those who are most likely to benefit from them

To offer natural and holistic complementary therapy training courses and supporting workshops and activities at fair and affordable prices

….so that more animals can benefit and to help raise additional funds for our charitable work

When we open our rescue centre – to save sick, abandoned, unwanted animals and cruelly treated animals, then care for, rehabilitate them with the support of holistic and complementary animal treatments, and re-home them where possible 

No healthy animals in our care will be euthanised

When we extend our venture to include a holistic animal/ veterinary hospital – to provide optimum animal care supported with complementary therapies to help reduce suffering, enhance recovery and improve the animal’s feeling of well-being

Through our hospitals, we will be able to offer a wider range of therapies