Friends Of Baxter

About Us

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

Friends Of Baxter Animal Care aims to revolutionise animal care in the UK bringing enjoyable and beneficial natural and holistic complementary therapies to mainstream recognition and use, especially for sick, abandoned and cruelly treated animals.

Our Mission

To be ‘animals best friend’

To lead a change in animal care by providing a natural & holistic complimentary therapy service, training and educating animal carers, and creating a rehabilitation, complementary care and therapy training centre to support and grow this approach to animal care

  • Provision of an Animal Reiki therapy service – to include private sessions but, to a much extend a voluntary weekly service for animals in rescue centres and sanctuarie0s
  • The delivery of Reiki training and Animal Reiki training. The commencement of Animal Reiki training has been delayed as we considered it vital that our courses met requirements for our trained Practitioners to be recognised by professional Reiki organisations.
  • Introduction of additional holistic animal complementary therapy treatments and introductory training workshops. These include: Canine Massage, Canine Bowen, Equine Muscle Release Therapy and TTouch

Sadly our application to become a registered charity was refused, based on the view of the Charity Commission that holistic therapies such as Reiki do not offer a public benefit if veterinary care is available to animals. We will re-apply at a later date.

Phase 2 will see us:

  • Expand our therapy work, helping more animals in a greater number of rescue centres, shelters and sanctuaries
  • Develop our training offer
  • Welcome and train additional volunteers
  • Progress towards opening our own rehabilitation, complementary care and therapy training centre
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Our Values

To provide natural and holistic complementary animal treatments to ‘animals in need’ in rescues, shelters and sanctuaries

….at no cost to the animal centre and offer a means for sustained therapy treatments to be available to animals in their care

To reduce suffering and improve animals lives through the ‘promotion and use of’ and ‘education about’ natural and holistic therapies, where they are in an animal’s best interest

….e.g. for relaxation, for general well-being and to support veterinary care

To make natural and holistic complementary animal therapy treatments more accessible

….to those who are most likely to benefit from them

To offer natural and holistic complementary therapy training courses and supporting workshops and activities at fair and affordable prices

….so that more animals can benefit and to help raise additional funds for our charitable work

When we open our rescue centre – to save sick, abandoned, unwanted animals and cruelly treated animals, then care for, rehabilitate them with the support of holistic and complementary animal treatments, and re-home them where possible 

No healthy animals in our care will be euthanised