Friends Of Baxter



Friends Of Baxter Animal Care currently offers a small range of therapies and will offer more going forward. Animal Reiki is our main therapy, but through our extended team we also offer Canine Massage, Canine Bowen and Equine Muscle Release Therapy treatments. Click on the therapy name/ service below for more information.

It is important that animals are first taken to a vet for a diagnosis if a physical health issue is suspected. Unless a veterinary surgeon, complementary therapy practitioners are not legally permitted to diagnose, treat or advise on veterinary treatments or medications. 

Also please note that for Canine Bowen, Canine Massage and Equine Muscle Release Therapy, veterinary consent is required​. Please ask for a form for this consent if you wish to book one of these treatments. No consent is required for Reiki

If you would like more details or may be interested in offering therapy services to Friends Of Baxter Animal Care please contact us.