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How your donation will help ​

Friends Of Baxter Animal Care appreciates donations however great or small and whether single or regular amounts.

A small amount of the total donated money we receive will pay for marketing materials to assist with further awareness raising and fundraising activities but the majority will go towards our work helping animals in need in rescue centres, and towards our first centre.

We have a long way to go but we are confident that we will achieve our end goal with our own endeavours and support from animal loving individuals and businesses.

Alternatively, please go to our Sponsor Us page if you or your business might be able to sponsor us.

Resource is also much appreciated – if you can allocate some time or have skills and experience that could help us please get in touch. We will also welcome the right people as new trustees if this role appeals to you and you wish to commit time and energy to this cause.

For more information about fundraising please see Support us and contact us if you have any queries

Friends of Baxter Animal Care is a labour of love that will benefit people as well as animals

Our rehabilitation, complementary care and training  centres will in time provide employment as well as voluntary roles, also opportunities for individuals to meet like-minded friends. Through our holistic venture we will introduce new ways of benefitting animals – ways that animals deserve and we will champion wider use of this approach. 

It’s only through raising adequate funding that we will open our centre. Every contribution takes us a step close and is truly valued.

Please support us if you can - Thank you

All donations to the Friends of Baxter Animal Care fund are gratefully appreciated. 

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