Friends Of Baxter

Reiki Reduced Squeaky’s Separation Anxiety

Our cat Squeaky who is 10 years old came to us 7 years ago from a rescue centre with separation anxiety as a result of her earlier life experiences. Consequently, we can never leave her for more than one week a year in a cattery whilst we have some holiday because she gets so distressed.

Although she has had excellent care at the same cattery, each year she is very anxious during her stay and is terribly ill in the car on the journey home & often takes a day or two to settle back home into her usual routines.

This year we asked Sue of Friends of Baxter Animal Care to send her some distance Reiki to help Squeaky’s anxiety whilst we were away and with the car journeys to and from the cattery. 

Treatments were sent to Squeaky before our departure on the morning we went away and during our holiday.

Squeaky was less distressed than usual going to the Cattery and upon collecting her we were delighted to see how relaxed & calm she was, compared to the stressed little moggie we normally find. In addition, on the car journey home she lay down calmly in her carrier seldom offering even a cry of complaint. Once home she skipped out of the carrier & went off to check her territory with her tail held high as though nothing had ever happened. We are used to her being sick on the way home and in an anxious state for 24 hours until she settles again. The success of the distant Reiki not only meant Squeaky’s experience during her separation from us was far less stressful but her journey home was far more comfortable too.

Both Squeaky & us will certainly agree to booking some distance Reiki with Sue again when we next have to leave her due to the positive effect it had….thank you Sue.