Friends Of Baxter

Only Reiki Calmed Miffy

“Being very sensitive to
energy, many animals
naturally seem to
understand that Reiki
will be kind and gentle
and offer them some
soothing relaxation to
benefit them in times
of stress or distress”

What was first notable about Miffy was that she could be heard
before she was seen. She hadn’t had the best start in life. After a
number of years in a rescue centre in the Middle East, she was
brought over here and homed in the UK, then transferred to a
cattery but neither of the latter two worked out. So that’s when
she came into Yorkshire Cat Rescue.

Her loud attention-seeking Miaows attracted anyone near her pen, or even in the building. We learned that her miaowing continued spasmodically when she had human company and certainly when anyone with her moved in readiness to leave her pen. Poor, adorable Miffy. She must have experienced fearful times wondering ‘what next’. She wanted to feel safe, secure, loved and cared for.

We were asked to offer her some Reiki and what happened surprised us all. In the first session she miaowed for a little while and wandered around, not seeking hands-on fussing but appreciating the company.

The Reiki and accompanying music we played very quietly seemed to calm her but miaows clearly indicated her disapproval of being left alone after half an hour. In the second session Miffy miaowed just a few times and brushed against my leg. After receiving the head fussing she requested, she climbed into her soft grey bed on the floor. Feeling safe and content . she made herself comfy and cosy. The Reiki and music provided much contentment and before long she closed her eyes. Expectations to quietly slip away were met with a ‘don’t go’ Miaow.

However, offering Reiki for a few minutes outside her pen resulted in the delightful sounds of a faint but ever so sweet snoring. There was nothing wrong with Miffy’s memory! As soon as her pen
was entered the following week and the music was switched on she knew it was Reiki time. Miffy went straight to her bed and rested her head, facing outwards, waiting for her Reiki to . commence. Relaxing energy flowed and she drifted into a nice doze with no miaowing. The
staff commented on never seeing her like this normally. She felt more settled and content. Within days this wonderful cat was happily.

Reiki helps Munroe’s Anxiety

“During the practice of
Reiki when a strong and
connection exists
between the Practitioner
and an animal, it is
possible for animals to
share their feelings and
for us to experience a
two-way mental

Munroe had come from a home with a very large number
of cats, so many cats in fact that the owner was sadly
unable to give them the care and attention they required.
She came into Yorkshire Cat Rescue very frightened and
anxious and Reiki was requested for her.

Munroe lay in her ‘safe place’, turning around and moving towards the Reiki on offer and disappearing out of sight again after enough Reiki had been received for her first session. The following week, she was less receptive and didn’t move from her bed. This could have been influenced by the two cats in the next pen just, brought in together, who took Reiki with gusto even when it was not being offered directly to them. They clearly wanted attention and perhaps Munroe may also have not been in the mood for some therapy that day.

On my third visit, although not moving from her bed and looking tense throughout, Munroe choose to draw a greater quantity of Reiki energy than previously. However, it was the fourth session where the breakthrough occurred.

After Munroe had shown her openness to healing, Reiki was offered from inside her pen and at a closer distance, just three feet away from her.  Using animal communication, she was informed that that she was safe, and that Reiki was being offered to help her be more settled and comfortable with people she didn’t know so that she could be found a new home, explaining what that meant.

Reiki was directed to help with her past too and she was advised that it was safe to close her eyes if she wanted; the existing distance from her would be maintained. Straight away she closed her eyes and she completely relaxed with her body open and front legs out-stretched. The staff commented upon not having seen her relax like this before. It felt wonderful. She had turned a corner and a week later someone came to rehome her.

Reiki reduced Tiggy’s Distress

“Reiki offers direct
benefits but it also helps
people and animals to
relax and this can be
beneficial to support
veterinary or medical

Tiggy was a small 12-week-old kitten with the end of one
of her rear legs missing, presumed to be the unfortunate . result of an accident caused by her mum in her early days. She was not very well and on pain killing medication, requiring her temperature to be taken regularly. We were advised that when the thermometer was gently inserted into her rear end she screamed, squirmed and scratched, fighting against this procedure which she clearly disliked. I asked if we might offer Reiki to her for a few minutes before her next temperature reading.

After just a few minutes of receiving Reiki, Tiggy was yawning and showing early signs of relaxation. She was picked up by the care staff and as they took her temperature Reiki continued to be offered to her from a short distance away so as to maintain the energy flow. The staff were amazed – and so were we!

Tiggy made one small sound but no screeching, hardly any movement and no attempt to scratch. She was notably less distressed and all it took was less than 5 minutes of some gentle and non-invasive Reiki.

Animals may not always be quite so responsive, but this reaction reinforced our reason for wanting therapies like Reiki to become commonplace to support veterinary care.

How Reiki Helped Gloria

During the practice of
Reiki pain felt by the
person or animal being
treated can often be
physically felt by the
practitioner enabling the
Reiki energy to be
concentrated in the
specific area(s) where it
is most needed.

When Gloria came into the Yorkshire Cat Rescue a vet’s visit
confirmed the need for surgery as mummified kittens were found in her abdomen. She must have been in much discomfort and emotionally affected too, hence it was suggested that she may benefit from Reiki. Reiki was offered to Gloria as she lay in her enclosed bed space where cats are not to be disturbed by any staff or volunteers. Within a few minutes she emerged and lay on a knitted blanket with her abdomen facing outwards.

She soon dozed off giving out a feeling that she was content – and safe – the latter being very important to her. After an extremely relaxed half hour she had received as much Reiki as she wanted and returned to her ‘safe place’. I fed back to the manager that whilst offering
Reiki to Gloria a right lower abdomen pain had been felt within me.

The following day we learned that Gloria was sick. The vet diagnosed an infection where the surgery had taken place in her right lower abdominal area – where I had felt discomfort – and she was treated accordingly. A week after her first Reiki session, Gloria was lying in a green covered dome. After circling, and clawing at the blanket inside she curled up.

She actively chose to take Reiki energy when offered and she purred, yet she wasn’t totally relaxed. Gloria held her head up. She shared a feeling that she loved the Reiki but was frightened of being sick again.

It was explained using animal communication that the sickness
occurred to help her body rid itself of the infection which had been treated by the vet, so it was ok, she could relax. Immediately she snuggled her head in the blanket, purred and cosily fell asleep.

Reiki was sent to Gloria the following week as she was at the vets for some dental treatment however the week afterwards when Reiki was offered to her she gave the impression that she was relaxed and happy and didn’t really need it any more. Our work with her was done. Staff commented on how much she had changed since coming in to the Rescue. She was now a much happier, friendly cat. Within a further week she had been chosen for adoption and was in her new home for Christmas, happy, well, and a different cat to the one she had been just

Reiki supports Baybee’s Low Moods

During the practice of Reiki when a compassionate and strong connection exists between the Practitioner and an animal, it is possible for animals to share their physical health and emotional feelings and for us to experience a two-way mental communication.

Shortly after BayBee found herself at Yorkshire Cat Rescue, she gladly accepted the Reiki offered to her. The Reiki Practitioner working with her soon became aware of an itchy feeling, representative of such a feeling across BayBee’s body but it was her ‘heavy’ and emotionally low mood that really stood out.

Baybee had been lying down when we first met her but by her second Reiki session she had been diagnosed with an auto immune skin condition for which she was prescribed medication. Her legs and feet were swollen and every step appeared to cause discomfort, being accompanied with a little squeal. Poor Baybee! She soaked up the Reiki offered to her for 40 mins and would have taken more and from a very vocal start to the session, had settled, appearing relaxed and more

Baybee had just returned from the vets before her next Reiki session. After a medicated wash, cleaning of her paws and the prescription of further treatment. Her legs and feet were a darker shade and sore, one paw had been bleeding and she hardly wanted to them to touch the floor when pottering about in obvious discomfort. Every time a paw touched down, she uttered a noise that sounded as though it would equate to a human ‘ouch’. Reiki was offered to Baybee and for over an hour. She calmed down, relaxed and appeared to really appreciate it. Neither I nor Baybee wanted the session to end, she would have happily enjoyed it all day but there were more cats waiting for their turn.

Distant Reiki was sent to Baybee on three occasions before our next visit and upon seeing her 2 weeks later, the difference was incredible. Baybee was like a new cat – she no longer showed signs of suffering and distress but instead nearly tried to escape as the pen door was opened eager to be free and enjoy life as a healthy cat. Baybee had been transformed – the veterinary treatments had significantly benefited her physical condition and Reiki had provided emotional support and comfort to aid her healing and recovery, whilst being well cared for at Yorkshire Cat Rescue. She was then very soon adopted. This is just one of many examples to show how Reiki can support conventional medicine.